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Who Are The 10 Richest Olympians Ever?

Who Are The 10 Richest Olympians Ever?

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio have just come to a close and the world will reflect on historic sporting moments that have captured the hearts and minds of the people of the participating nations over the last two weeks.

Olympics Rio 2016
The Olympics showcases the best sporting talent from all over the globe. (Source:

Some of the biggest names in sports were present in Brazil for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, but which sporting icons that have participated in the games are the wealthiest in the world? Here is our look at the richest Olympians ever.

1. Michael Jordan ($1.14 billion)

Michael Jordan Olympics
Michael Jordan, the richest Olympian EVER, dunking his way to glory in 1992. (Source:

The first name on this list is not really a surprising one. Basketball might not be one of the most archetypal Olympic sports, but it has still produced some of the finest sports people in the world and certainly some of the richest. They do not come any more lucrative than the one and only “Air Jordan”. The American basketball legend was such an icon that he became a brand in his own right. He was part of the 1992 Olympic Games “American Dream Team” that also featured the likes of Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, and Scottie Pippen that strode to a gold medal in Barcelona and entered the basketball hall of fame.


2. Kobe Bryant ($320 million)

Kobe Bryant Olympics
Kobe Bryant is another USA gold medallist that went on to earn mega bucks in the NBA. (

It is then some distance before we reach the next richest Olympian on the list and it is once again another US basketball player. This time it is Bryant who turned out at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games for Team USA and won two gold medals during that time. His prolific NBA career has only increased his net worth and, alongside Jordan, he remains one of the most legendary names in US sports history.

3. Novak Djokovic ($160 million)

Novak Djokovic Olympics
He may have missed out on a medal in Rio this year, but Novak Djokovic will still go down in history as one of the best tennis players (and richest Olympians) ever. (

In third place, we have our first non-basketball player with Serbian tennis player Djokovic storming into the charts. It might seem astonishing that he places higher on this list than some of the other tennis players around that have become brands in their own right but his wise investment in real estate has seen his fortune sky rocket. The 12 major tournament titles he has won and the $1.02 billion in career earnings has obviously also helped.

4. Serena Williams ($145 million)

Serena Williams Olympics
Another tennis player and another American. Serena Williams has had a glistening career both inside and outside of the Olympics. (Source:

The first woman on the list will come as little surprise to many of you. One-half of the iconic Williams sisters and undoubtedly the more talented sister, Serena. She has won 22 major tournament titles during his glittering career and has also won one singles gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in London and three doubles gold medals in 2000 in Sydney, 2008 in Beijing, and 2012. She has remained active in the fashion industry creating her own line of clothing, she has countless endorsements and sponsorship deals, and has even written a book. There is no end to this lady’s talents and her net worth only looks like growing larger.

5. Roger Federer ($140 million)

Roger Federer Olympics
One of the greatest tennis players ever, Roger Federer, has never won a men’s singles gold at the Olympics. (Source:

One of the biggest brands in modern era tennis is next up in the form of Roger Federer. The 17-time major tournament winner is regarded as one of the greatest ever players to have played the sport. His sponsorship deal with Nike has seen his own “RF” brand created and that has contributed to him amassing his fortune. Even at 35 years of age and entering the twilight of his career he is still raking in the money with Forbes listing him at number 5 in the World’s Highest Paid Athletes List.

6. Kevin Durant ($120 million)

Kevin Durant Olympics
A two-time gold medalist and MVP winner, Kevin Durant will go down in history as a basketball legend. (Source:

Basketball players are once again the talk of the wealthiest sports people in the world and this time it is Golden State Warriors’ small forward Durant. His $20 million salary is a great starting point for him to build his wealth and the fact he is one of the most celebrated active NBA players with an NBA MVP Award, four NBA scoring titles, and two Olympic gold medals to his name shows exactly why he is so high on this list. His net worth might even be higher if he hadn’t donated millions of dollars to charity over the years.

7. Rafael Nadal ($120 million)

Rafael Nadal Olympics
Our final tennis player on the list, Rafael Nadal, bagged another gold in Rio to add to his men’s singles gold in Beijing, 2008. (Source:

We switch back to tennis again with another great of the sport entering the list at number 7. Nadal has 14 major tournament titles on his CV and he is regarded as the best clay court player of all time. He won singles gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and then added a doubles gold to that at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. If it had not been for a series of career-disrupting injuries, then not only might Nadal have achieved even more success throughout his career but he may also have added more prize money to his $78 million of career earnings and could have moved even higher up this list.

8. Caitlyn Jenner ($100 million)

Caitlyn Jenner Olympics
Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, Jenner was at one time the best decathlete on the planet. Earning gold for team USA in the 1976 Olympics. (Source:

This entry may come as a little surprising to a few of you. The athlete formerly known as Bruce was actually once, and probably still is, a very talented decathlete for Team USA. He participated at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal where he won gold in the decathlon. The “All-American Hero” status he was given after that win saw his public profile escalate to extraordinary levels. He went on to marry Kris Kardashian and become a key character in the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality television show. In 2015, Bruce revealed himself to be a trans-female called Caitlyn and has gone by that identity ever since. The fortune has been amassed through personal achievement, marrying a wealthy woman in Kris, and the fallout of the reality television career.

9. Neymar ($75 million)

Neymar couldn’t hold in his emotions after winning the Olympics final in Rio this year. (Source:
Neymar couldn’t hold in his emotions after winning the Olympics final in Rio this year. (Source:

Coming into the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Neymar was very much the face of the games. Just two years ago, the Barcelona attacker was in a similar role as he was seen as the hope of a nation that was hosting the 2014 World Cup. Unfortunately, a 7-1 defeat in the Semi-Final to Germany ended a nation’s dreams. It would be a completely different story this summer. Neymar scored the winning penalty in the Olympics Final shootout against Germany to deliver a gold medal for Brazil. As the wealthiest footballer in the world that has played in an Olympics, it is no surprise that combining his $28 million salary, huge range of endorsements and sponsorships, and his involvement in media and music he is included on this list.

10. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Olympics
The greatest Olympian ever? Usain Bolt completed the mythical treble treble at Rio, 2016. Something that’s never been done before (and will probably never be done again). (Source:

The final entry on this list is undoubtedly the most charismatic individual to have ever graced the Olympic Games. This summer saw the “Lightning Bolt” complete an unprecedented treble treble of gold medals as he won the 100m, 200m, and 4 x 100m relay gold medals for his third Olympics in a row. Bolt will go down in history as the greatest sprinter of all time and the fact he has the personality to back his achievements makes him a very marketable individual and that is where he earns the dollars to achieve such an impressive net worth.

The coming years will see more sportsmen and women enter this list with salaries of sports people only getting more obscene. The inclusion of mainstream sports such as tennis, football, golf, and basketball over the last few decades has also seen more high earners partake at Olympic Games and it is a trend that is set to continue for many years to come.

Cara Ini Terkenal eSports Bintang Punya nama-Nama Mereka

Cara Ini Terkenal eSports Bintang Punya nama-Nama Mereka

nama-nama eSports bintang dapat acak di saat terbaik, tapi di balik setiap pilihan aneh alter ego-ada sebuah cerita. Di sini, kita melihat kisah-kisah yang ada di balik nama-nama pemain yang membantu untuk membentuk baru ini multi-miliar dolar eSports industri.

Nanney nama itu terinspirasi oleh sebuah peristiwa memalukan di kelas tujuh. Dia adalah seorang anak yang membawa bekal makan siang ke sekolah setiap hari. Sayangnya, satu hari itu akan menjadi kehancuran. Nanney memiliki sejumlah besar botol jus jeruk yang ia bersiap-siap untuk menetap dan menyesap… sampai temannya menceritakan lelucon lucu.

Isyarat Nanney meledak dalam tawa dan menumpahkan jus jeruk seluruh dirinya. Hal ini menciptakan ilusi bahwa Nanney telah basah sendiri… secara harfiah. Teman-temannya kemudian melanjutkan untuk tanpa ampun mengejek dia mengklaim ia telah pipis di celana. Dr Peepee lahir.

Nanney berkata, “Itu cukup buruk untuk tidak ingin menonjol di sekolah menengah. Tapi kemudian teman saya juga mengolok-olok saya sisa hari untuk mencari seperti aku kencing dicelana.”

Dia menambahkan, “Dia memberi saya banyak nama-nama hari itu, tapi salah satu yang paling saya ingat dengan jelas adalah ’Dr Peepee.'”

Itu tidak sampai bertahun-tahun kemudian di debut Smash Bros turnamen bahwa julukan yang digunakan oleh Nanney dirinya sendiri. Dia diperlukan untuk menggunakan nama pengguna baru untuk turnamen. Itu melemparkan antara Dr Peepee dan Hot Fuzz, berdasarkan film komedi yang dibintangi oleh Simon Pegg. Dr Peepee terbukti lebih populer dengan orang-orang yang Nanney bertemu di turnamen ini sehingga terjebak.

JesusStick alias Yoon-Soo Park

JesusStick, tempat eSports bintang yang bermain dota2

Gambar Kredit:

Di zaman ketika ada begitu banyak remaja humor mempengaruhi secara online alias, ini menyegarkan untuk sedikit kejujuran yang harus digunakan ketika memilih sebuah eSports nama pemain. Yah, itu baik untuk kejujuran atau terkering rasa humor yang pernah tercatat oleh manusia.

Ketika ditanya tentang bagaimana ia datang dengan nama JesusStick, Parkir dengan tenang menjawab bahwa, “saya seorang Kristen dan saya cinta Yesus”. Namun, fakta yang ada adalah South Park permainan di mana bagian yang berfokus pada Tongkat Kebenaran – di Mana Untuk Menemukan Yesus menambahkan tumpukan skeptisisme untuk Parkir klaim.

Mungkin ia tidak hanya mencintai agama-nya. Atau mungkin dia trolling kita semua.

Dia sudah membuat nama besar untuk dirinya sendiri di Dota 2. Karena jumlah terbatas wawancara Park berpartisipasi dalam hal ini tidak mungkin kita akan pernah menemukan kebenaran di balik nama-nya yang sempurna.

Reginald alias Andy Dinh

Andy Dinh, sebelumnya dikenal sebagai 'Reginald' di dunia eSports

Gambar Kredit:

Mantan pemain Liga Legends Dinh sering mempertanyakan tentang pilihan acak dari pengguna di eSports. Banyak yang diharapkan beberapa respon emosional. Itu nama nenek moyang? Apakah itu memiliki arti penting dalam keluarga atau lingkaran teman-teman?

ternyata nama ’Reginald’ datang sekitar melalui beberapa grade A trolling. Dinh secara terbuka mengakui bahwa ia hanya memilih nama itu karena itu terdengar mengerikan nama.

dia bilang Dia ingin mendapatkan ke kepala lawan-lawannya. Sayangnya, hal ini juga punya di kepala Dinh dirinya sendiri.

Dia mengaku membenci nama itu, tapi pensiun dari eSports gaming sebelum ia bisa pensiun atas nama sendiri. Dia sekarang adalah pemilik dari Tim SoloMid yang berpartisipasi dalam Liga Legenda kompetisi.

Bola alias Seorang Lee

Lee, dikenal sebagai 'Bola' di komunitas eSports

Gambar Kredit:

laki-laki embel-embel muncul untuk menjadi populer dengan laki-laki eSports pemain. Contoh-contoh tersebut nama-nama seperti Johan ’MyNuts’ Andersson dan Michael ’Bigfatjiji’ Tang. Pertanyaan besar adalah, memiliki FlyQuest anggota Lee sengaja dibaptis online-nya nama setelah organ reproduksi laki-laki atau kebetulan?

Lee menyatakan, “Kami ingin sesuatu yang mirip, jadi kami pergi dengan dua varian dari Bola karena kita bisa membuatnya terlihat mirip yang menggunakan ’aku’ dan ’l ini. Itu tampak seperti kita memiliki nama yang sama. Dengan cara itu, ketika kita pergi dalam permainan orang-orang yang melihat dua ’Bola’ dan bingung kenapa ada dua Bola di pertandingan yang sama. Apa, anda belum pernah melihat dua Bola sebelumnya?”

FruitDealer alias Kim Won Gi

FruitDealer alias Kim Won Gi membuat namanya bermain Starcraft II

sumber Gambar:

Itu indah untuk melihat pemain eSports dengan meriah bersalah nama layar. Itu salah satu dari nama-nama yang tampaknya begitu polos itu hampir menyeramkan. Seperti ketika gangster meminta untuk ’Bersih’ atau ’Bapak Senang’. Tidak ada yang menakutkan tentang nama FruitDealer tetapi pada saat yang sama, itulah yang membuatnya bahkan lebih jahat.

Kim Won Gi benar-benar dapat julukan ketika bermain Starcraft II karena ia terkenal membantu untuk menjalankan ibunya kios buah ketika ia tidak mengambil nama-nama di dunia eSports.

FruitDealer menjadi yang pertama yang pernah GSL juara. Dia sekarang sudah pensiun setelah ayahnya menjadi sakit. Legenda-nya akan hidup di dalam eSports.

Faker alias Lee Sang-Hyeok

Faker alias Lee Sang-Hyeok adalah mempertimbangkan untuk menjadi yang terbaik pemain Liga Legends of all time

Gambar Kredit:

pria yang berulang kali dicap terbesar League of Legends pemain dari semua waktu telah salah satu yang paling aneh username pada eSports. Bagaimana bisa seseorang begitu berbakat memiliki sederhana dan mencela diri sendiri alias?

ternyata, ’Faker’ tidak pernah merasa dia sebagai baik sebagai beberapa orang kredit dia sebagai.

Ia dibesarkan di Seoul dan bermain game seperti Tekken dan King of Fighters dengan teman-temannya. Dia mengaku tidak baik untuk bermain game-game. Jadi, ketika ia mulai menerima pujian yang tinggi untuk League of Legends eksploitasi ia merasa bahwa ia berpura-pura itu.

tampaknya hanya ’Faker’ adalah salah satu yang merasa seperti itu sekarang. $1,1 juta pada laba karir menyarankan dia tidak berpura-pura.

Vileroze alias Joseph Bourassa

Vileroze alias Joseph Bourassa membuat namanya bermain League of Legends

Gambar Kredit:

online alias dapat menjadi hal yang sangat pribadi. Hal ini dapat memiliki hubungan emosional dengan pemain bet gratis atau hal ini dapat menjadi sesuatu yang pesan atau motivasi jangka panjang. Itu tidak selalu terjadi. Kadang-kadang anda harus hanya meminta istri. Itulah yang ’Vileroze’ lakukan!

mantan Kecepatan eSports top laner mendapatkan rasa hormat sambil bermain League of Legends. Dia telah diambil untuk pensiun sekarang, tetapi bahkan ia mengaku mendapatkan nya sangat dihormati nama dari tirinya yang lebih baik itu selalu lucu talking point pada turnamen lantai.

SaintVicious alias Brandon DiMarco

SaintVicious membuat nama-nya di dalam taman bermain League of Legends

Gambar Kredit:

Jika ada seorang geek-chic nama maka itu harus Saintvicious. AS-berdasarkan pelatih untuk Team Dignitas menarik inspirasi dari klasik kartun anime Cowboy Bebop. Setan adalah penjahat utama dalam seri.

lucu efek samping username DiMarco telah memilih adalah bahwa ia berulang kali mendapat dilarang dari beberapa server. Saingan pemain akan mengeluh terhadap nama-nya yang menyatakan bahwa, diduga, orang-orang Kudus tidak bisa menjadi ganas.

Sycho Sid alias Benny Hung

Sycho Sid alias Benny Hung membuat namanya bermain League of Legends

Gambar Kredit:

Penamaan eSports alias setelah anda favorit WWE pegulat mungkin tampak seperti ide yang baik pada saat itu, tetapi lebih jauh ke bawah garis anda akan menyesal. Yang pasti kasus dengan Benny Digantung.

Ia memilih untuk Sycho Sid. Para pegulat Sycho Sid dua kali WWE Juara kelas Berat dan dua kali WCW Juara kelas Berat. Karakternya dianggap sedikit tertekuk.

Hung sekarang terlihat kembali pada pilihan itu dengan sikap apatis. Ia mengaku bahwa Sycho Sid bahkan bukan pegulat favoritnya.

Dia menikmati kesuksesan dengan alias saat bermain League of Legends dengan CLG Hitam. Namun, ia kemudian membalik kembali untuk hanya menggunakan ’Benny’ sebagai alias-nya sebelum pensiun.

Wrestling entertainment mengagumkan… sampai anda mencapai usia dewasa. Kemudian ia mendapat sedikit aneh.